A couple of weeks ago Nic and Matt posted pics and commentary about the world first public screenshots of the Wikia Search project (also picked up by Mashable and TechCrunch) that were recently shown in Johannesburg. Well, now I see that iCommons has released the video of his whole talk (here). I've edited it down to a short clip just about the Search project:

In the clip, Jimmy explains that Wikia is developing a freely licensed search engine, using open source software, to compete directly with Yahoo, Google and all the big search players. It Aims to match or exceed the quality of the major search engines

He also makes a strong "political statement" that it's not healthy that so much power is in the hands of a few search companies who are secretive about how the information is ranked (other's think so too).

Lastly, he showed screenshots of the Facebook-like contributor interface, dubbed by others as his "Socialpedia".
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Mango Airlines hasn't done any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to back up their big-spend tv and print advertising ... And they're losing out big time!

If you type in "Mango Airlines" to Google, you'll see that Kulula.com (their direct competition) have taken up a cosy spot right at the top of the sponsored links there. (Nice move Kulula!)

I laughed when my friend Eric mentioned Mango in his personal blog and got top ranked for the search term "Fly Mango" on Google... He had thousands of visitors landing on his site, some actually thinking his was the official Mango site (have a look at the comments there for a laugh)! He's now put up a Travelstart ad there so he can make some money out of it!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is probably the most effective direct marketing tool that any corporation can use these days to back up their traditional media adspend. SEM should be a part of every new marketing campaign... Don't be a Mango!
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