27dinner27Dinner Cape Town has a new home: The Hotel School restaurant in Mouille Point (next door to the Waterfront and the Radisson Hotel). *

The good news: not only do they offer a beautiful spot (right on the ocean front!), delicious food, great value for money, and all the sound, lighting and projection equipment we need... but we can seat 100 people too! So this means that there's now a further 20 spaces available for 27-4

As always, the 27dinner is a great opportunity to meet other people who are interested in media, technology, marketing, programming, technology, the web, and generally fascinating combinations of those.

There will be a couple of talks, and the wine will be sponsored by Stormhoek. If any other company would like to sponsor a prize or two (or hundred), then we're also open to that.

To join us, go along and pop your name on the wiki - or drop me an email.

* Thanks to Mr Knox and Captain Chris for scouting and scoring the new venue :)
AuthorDave Duarte
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27dinner 27Jan, JoburgThe inaugural 27 dinner in Joburg lastnite was sooo much fun, and so productive in terms of meeting awesome people to do business with. I see that there are lots of others writing about the dinner already so I'll leave in depth coverage to those who didn't drink quite as much Stormhoek as I did.

What I do remember quite clearly though is that Mike, Carl and I officially launched our company, Cerebra, at the event! *yay*

We are already doing work with some of the jeeks* who were there lastnite, and it seems that we'll be collaborating with some others in the near future... Hence, I think it was the perfect occasion for the announcement.

There are some photos of the event here.
* the official definition of a "jeek" is: Someone who succeeds at the nexus of media, technology and business.
AuthorDave Duarte
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