In response to my blog post on Friday, I just got an email from Siobahn at WOMWorld who represents Nokia in the social-media space:
We saw that in a recent blog post you enjoyed the Stavros site that's currently running and that you'd like an N82. Currently we have N82's available
for test and review, and would be more than happy to send you one if
you are interested in putting the device through its paces.

We take care of the logistics side of things, will arrange for the
device to be sent and collected etc, if you?d like to get involved let
us know as soon as you can and we?ll get everything arranged.

I look forward to getting my N82, and am feeling large amounts of goodwill towards these people right now.
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Cheer Pass CampaignStarbucks has launched a viral marketing campaign to spread good cheer this festive season.

They're handing out half a million Cheer Pass cards along with little gifts like movie tickets and subway passes on condition that the recipent should do a random good deed for someone else, and then pass along the card.

Each Cheer Pass is numbered, so people can track just how far a good deed can go by visiting the Cheer Pass Central website with their numbered card. There they can share their story, or read about how other people are passing on the cheer. The stories range from taxi drivers giving free rides to telling jokes to people in hospital.

Very nice: reinforcing the brand by helping your customers do good.
AuthorDave Duarte
Are you ready to share ownership of your brand?

Customer-driven communication tools like blogs, cellphones and email are making Word of Mouth (WOM) the most significant channel in marketing and branding today.

Brands are now subject to public customer feedback that's far more influential than any big-budget ad campaign. So, pushy messages are generally shot down, whereas authentic communication is rewarded.

Ads that extol your product's virtues will fall on deaf ears - and in-fact, may alienate your market. Rather, be a brand socialist and share the credit for a great brand or product with your customers.The key here is collaboration, humility and involvement.

We need to move towards more involvement and less obscure ideas cooked up without broad-based customer involvement.
Brand socialism is about making the most of many minds.

Reg Lascaris has more...
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