As Arthur Goldstuck has pointed out in his research on the South African internet usership: the growth in numbers of internet users has slowed down (to about 4% a year), but internet usage among those already connected is increasing thanks to better access on ADSL and 3G/HSDPA replacing dial-up - he calls this our "experience level". In other words, even though you might have been connected to the internet for a few years, it's likely that you're using it alot more each year (as your collective experience level rises).

AlexaTypically South African's top sites were internet banking and news. Now you'll see more social media sites listed in the Alexa Top 100.
The top 10:





  5. (!!)

  6. (Windows Live)

  7. Wikipedia




Further down we see the following sites:

11. (Classifieds)

13. (File Sharing)

15. & 16. and (free-falling!)


23. (LOL!)


27. (I had no idea art was that popular here)


40. (I bet this would be in the top 10 if it included the sites built on the WP platform)


82. (Go Kevin!!)

and perhaps the most fascinating and surprising:

100. (well done chaps!!)

(Source: Alexa Top Sites, South Africa)

So my conclusion, and following up on the last post... The people with the marketing budgets are not living in a bubble, and Social-Media is way beyond being a fad here. Let's get serious about this stuff and we can all help raise the profile of SA social-media sites, and our own expertise around that to boot.
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I was preparing for a presentation yesterday which required statistics of internet and Mobile use in SA, and really struggled to find up to date information for free online.

I see a need for a central place where people in our industry can freely access stats and other information.
This kind of info will help us make more informed strategic decisions

So, to get the ball rolling, I've set up a wiki called and placed the scraps of information I was able to discover on there, and I'd like to encourage anyone who has stats that are pertinent to internet, mobile, broadband and media industry in SA to contribute since it will be beneficial to the industry as a whole.

Maybe it will grow into a little Wikipedia kind of site for the SA internet consulting industry... hopefully:)
AuthorDave Duarte
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