There's generally a loyal core of readers that most of us bloggers have, but feed subscribers in general seem to be quite a fickle bunch.

So, assuming that you're only as good as your last blog post (cos we all have popularity peaks and troughs), here's two simple ideas on being a successful (yet lazy) blogger:

  1. When you've got something really interesting to write about - an event, a product launch, or a public squabble - then don't limit your views to one post a day. Strive to be the main source of info for that topic for as long as it's hot and you're still passionate about it.

  2. Don't feel obliged to maintain this frenetic pace of publishing when you're not feeling passionate, or aren't intimately involved in the subject matter.

Mind you though, I'm not considering the search traffic (and spam!) which legacy posts bring in... only direct referral traffic and RSS subscribership.
AuthorDave Duarte
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