I find that as I have less time to spend browing the web generally, that I tend to find my news more via social filters like Muti, communities like Twitter (where people in my network recommend links directly), or by directly searching for a news on a particular topic on Google.

I thought I'd check whether my peers, also media neophytes, are accessing their news in a similar way. So I asked this question on Twitter:

"Do you more often find your "news" via 1. Social-Media, or 2. Traditional News Sites?"

Glen Meyburgh pevideoguy @daveduarte 50/50

Andrew Smith sqroot @DaveDuarte mostly Social-Media, unless I've heard a headline and I want to find out more, then I go to a news site.

Amabacha Amabacha @DaveDuarte Combo of both - Google Reader works overtime! 

Catherine Jenkin cathjenkin @DaveDuarte social media hey. it used to be traditional news sites but now, over the past say, a year, it's been more social-media dependent

robinpietersen robinpietersen @DaveDuarte 30% traditional, 60% social media and 10% word of mouth :-)

Ismail Dhorat ismaild @DaveDuarte rss, twitter and social media 

KerryHaggard KerryHaggard @DaveDuarte traditional news sites

Marcel_Perform Marcel_Perform Icon_red_lock @daveduarte what if you're trying to avoid all news? I can't on twitter! 

Simon Dingle simondingle @DaveDuarte Traditional news sites for 'news'. Social Media for opinion.

Marcel_Perform Marcel_Perform Icon_red_lock @daveduarte Trying to avoid sceptic, paranoid news-media negative propaganda that sells newspapers.Sticking to SA Rocks & SA Good News thanx 

KerryHaggard KerryHaggard @DaveDuarte - perhaps perception(NB) that traditional news sites are less biased. Also clear idea as to left, right or centre...

KerryHaggard KerryHaggard @DaveDuarte or completely up to own choice ie Google News

robinpietersen robinpietersen @DaveDuarte Hope we get to see the results sometime :-) Would be interesting...

As Jonathan Hitchcock pointed out:
Taking a survey about social media on twitter *might* possibly give you a slightly skewed result set.

The results are interesting nonetheless. How do you find your news?
I was preparing for a presentation yesterday which required statistics of internet and Mobile use in SA, and really struggled to find up to date information for free online.

I see a need for a central place where people in our industry can freely access stats and other information.
This kind of info will help us make more informed strategic decisions

So, to get the ball rolling, I've set up a wiki called SAnetstats.pbwiki.com and placed the scraps of information I was able to discover on there, and I'd like to encourage anyone who has stats that are pertinent to internet, mobile, broadband and media industry in SA to contribute since it will be beneficial to the industry as a whole.

Maybe it will grow into a little Wikipedia kind of site for the SA internet consulting industry... hopefully:)
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Honda Globe F1 racing carHonda recently decided to forego advertising on their F1 racing car in favour of an image of the world - to promote the perception of Honda being environmentally friendly.... and raising money for environmental causes through the website associated with the car, myearthdream.com

Instead of the $100million or so they'd get for selling ads on their car, they're using the million dollar homepage idea and selling 1.2million pixels of adspace on a virtual car on the site - which will then appear on the real car next season. If you buy adspace on the car, you're also asked to select an environmentally friendly pledge to take - stuff like turning the thermostat down a degree or installing 3 energy saving light bulbs

There's quite obviously alot of money to be made by appealing to the Greenies, there's alot of emotion attached to the Global Warming crisis right now (just ask Robert). Honda has created a campaign that is bold, creative, buzz-worthy, and most importantly, makes a positive difference by getting people involved in doing environmentally friendly stuff.

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Independent Armchair TheatreThe Armchair Theatre is a well established little venue in Obs, Cape Town that has remained popular by constantly innovating with their marketing in very practical ways. Their latest promotion on their MySpace page is as practical as it is innovative.

They sent out a Myspace message (login req.) to all their friends (i.e. people who have given them permission) saying:
Get free entrance to The Independent Armchair Theatre by reviewing the next show you go to.

All you have to do is post a review in our Myspace comments section. This will get you 1 x free entry. The next time you arrive at The Armchair your name will be on the guest list.

Your review then gets posted on their website - so they get lots of reviews for free, while also attracting opinion leaders (who care enough to write reviews) for a follow-up show. The reviews get republished on their main website to give the reviews even further reach... Effectively Turning Customers Into Evangelists (<< click if you didn't get the obscure reference to a funnel in the title of this post).
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Buzzword of the day: Prosumer. It's been around since the 70's when Alvin Toffler proposed that consumers are becoming producers - in other words that they're getting involved in customizing their experiences of products and services to their tastes in ways that large companies couldn't.

Of course, this idea of "Prosumerism" is gaining serious ground thanks to the internet where even our love songs can be customized to suit our tastes, and where customers are even producing adverts on behalf of the brands they love (or hate).

AdicolourAdidas recently did a campaign where they put up blank white billboards with a small logo, inviting graphiti artists to come and spray and write on them. Then after a while they placed another poster with a hole in the shape of a shoe on top of the graphiti - hence showing a one-of-a-kind shoe ad co-created with Adidas and their target market.

Awesome. Consider next time you're doing an ad how you could get people to interact with it and customize it to their taste.

AuthorDave Duarte