Are all your profiles up to date? Are you tired of filling out your profile on websites and online applications? Wouldn't it be useful to just maintain one or two central profiles that would automatically update all the others?The promise of "portable profile" is just that. You can use one profile across the web, and sign into sites without having to fill out all the usual registration stuff.Of course, this raises major privacy concerns. Each site that you use your portable profile on will have access to your full profile information, as well as possibly knowing what other sites you're registered with.As a website owner, there are benefits to allowing users to register with their portable profile:1. You can personalize their experience by knowing more about them,2. There's a  lower cost of password and account management, while drawing new web traffic.3. It lowers user frustration by letting users have control of their login.There are a number of companies offering portable profile, internet ID, and single sign on services already such as Verisign, OpenID, and my favourite

However, Facebook Connect seem to be leading the way with regards to the promise of taking your network of friends and connections around the web with you. There are, of-course, concerns about whether we should trust a commercial enterprises with our precious identity. Nevertheless, I'll highlight Facebook Connect as the principle is important.

From the Wikipedia page on Facebook Features:
Facebook Connect is a single sign-on service that competes with OpenID. The service enables Facebook users to login to affiliated sites using their Facebook account and share information from such sites with their Facebook friends. 
The price of Personalization is Privacy. I don't mind sharing my information if it's going to get me more relevant information and personalized service, but I would expect to be able to control what different people (and sites) can see on my profile. Another concern with single-sign on is the danger of someone getting hold of your one password that opens the doors to your life online. I guess these are the risks we all have to live with. I'd like to get Dominic White's perspective on this.

We've just launched a little Facebook application for Quest Flexible Staffing Solutions called the "Work Personality Quiz".

It is a psychometric test designed to tell people their work personality type, and also open a channel of communication between the participants and . We took a real psychometric test, the type which Quest might use to screen job applicants, and adapted the tone of the questions to suit Facebook's fun social environment. We also designed cute cartoon characters to embody the different personality types. Once a person adds the application, and takes the 10 minute test, the cartoon character appears on their profile. The design is catchy, and the concept is designed to spread. At the end of the test, applicants can opt in to receive job offers from Quest based on their personality profile - which ties the test into a real-world benefit.

The three primary outcomes we sought in designing the concept were:
1. To position and brand Quest as an innovator in the Flexible Staffing Solutions space,
2. To generate qualified, interested leads for Quest jobs,
3. Give people an interesting work-related experience associated with Quest,

The outcomes have also been mapped to the 5 letters of QUEST - Questioner, Understander, Energizer, Soldier, and Terrier. There is also two rare secret characters which some people might discover to their delight, or their dismay.

We decided to go with a Personality Profiling application, because people on Facebook like to share information about themselves with their friends. This is intimate, and likely to be passed on.

The personality quiz is not only fun, but it is scientific and accurate. This, we believe, will get people excited about sharing the application, and seeing what the work personalities of their friends and colleagues are.

Facebook is not a space for business - it is a social space. Companies attempting to engage consumers on this platform need to be mindful of their tone - and balance the need to maintain professionalism, with the need to connect with people in that context in a personal way. This was an important part of putting the app together.
Checkit out HERE and let me know what you think!

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Image Courtesy of Yale Daily NewsThe issue of whether to allow employees access to social-media apps, Facebook in particular, is a growing concern in many companies. Bandwidth costs are soaring, and some people think it's affecting productivity. As someone quipped on the Nomadic Marketing course "Is it Social-Networking, or Social-NOTworking"!?

Of course, the people inside these companies probably don't appreciate their access to these sites being curtailed. I, for one, think these things enhance my productivity. But I'm obviously a bit strange.

Of course, someone has created a support group for these people, on Facebook, ironically.

The group, called "I hate IT departments who block MSN, MySpace & Facebook" could be big, but only if it's target membership can actually access it!

Anyway, some interesting commentary is coming from the group:
We have found a way to access the book at work - hee hee ..... basically download the free software to your pc at home - leave it running while at work - and you can access your pc from work and facebook ALL DAY .... WICKED!!!

An IT guy had this to say:
We (The IT Guy) is not the enemy we do as we are told and what security procedures we have to follow... But what the boss doesn't know wont hurt him!

Make friends with the IT guys they have basically your office world at their finger tips...

Where there's a need, there's a Facebook group. What are your thoughts on this?
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Now that many of my friends and business associates are now my friends on Facebook, I have noticed a reduction in the amount of email I get from them. This is absolutely brilliant as far as I’m concerned.

Spam is a massive problem with normal email. Facebook answers this problem by only allowing people who you have accepted as friends to send you messages. Of course, you can also receive messages from groups, but if you ever decide you don’t want to hear from them again you can simply leave group.

The other issue that alot of people have with email is the amount of chain messages and emails not related to work that get sent around during office hours. But now people can simply add the stuff that they think is funny to their Facebooks and allow their friends to look at it when they find it convenient or when they’re in the mood.

I look forward to one-day reducing my inbox quota to single digits, and officially declaring email bankruptcy!
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