Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like are agents of mass distraction. 

If your time on these sites is starting to affect your performance at work, getting in the way of exercise, or impinging on time spent face-to-face with friends, then you may have allowed yourself to slip into a pattern of addiction.

If so, then I've got some lessons to ensure your social media is as healthy as it should be:

  1. Don’t leave your networks open in your browser all the time: You’re begging to be distracted - tabbed browsing is not your friend!
  2. Shut down applications like Tweetdeck while you’re working: Those pop-ups will lead you astray!
  3. Singletask your Social Media: Focus as if you’re dealing with people face-to-face and you’ll get more value from your social-media time
  4. Know why you’re there: It might be for creative inspiration, relaxation, to laugh, to get business insight or to learn. All of these are positive motivations, but if you ever feel anxious while using social media then rather get back to work or do something else.
  5. Set a time limit: Even if you’re popping over to social sites throughout the day, decide before-hand how long you’re going to spend in total, and stick to that no matter what.

Social Media can be incredibly powerful personally and professionally, but I do think that we need to be mindful about how we use it.

Can you use social media and still be productive? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this

AuthorDave Duarte