Nomadic Marketing Joburg One of the great things about UCT GSB is its location: historic buildings, walking distance to the Waterfront, and with epic mountain views. Hence it's very rare for an open-enrollment course to be hosted away from the home turf. This year, however, we've decided to try bring the highly successful Nomadic Marketing programme to Gauteng.

It's going to be happening a little sooner than I expected though, due to a very tight academic schedule this year: 17th - 19th February. Due to this, we're expecting a smaller class than normal, which will make the learning context more personal.

Nomadic Marketing is targeted at Media and Marketing execs who need to know how to integrate social media into their current campaigns and strategies. We approach the subject from three perspectives:

1. Tools and Technologies: Learning the basic technical components of new-media marketing and social-media communication

2. Management and Optimization: Ensuring that the tools and technologies are used effectively, managing and optimizing their performance
3. Strategy and Integration: How to integrate the Nomadic Marketing approach into traditional campaigns.

The lecturing faculty have been chosen based not only on their knowledge and experience in Social Media, but their ability to communicate their insights. Among the confirmed faculty are: Khaya Dlanga (transmedia storytelling); Arthur Goldstuck (the stats on social media); Melissa Attree (Social Media PR); Walter Pike (integrating Social Media into a holistic brand strategy); Mike Stopforth (explaining social media); Nic Haralambous (Publishing and Filtering); Jon Cherry (Experiential Social-Media); and Vincent Maher (Mobile Social Media); Gregor Rohrig (Avusa iLab case study); Ingrid Rubin (ORM); Scott Gray (BMW Case Study) and Jarred Cinman (Measurement and Tracking).

The course notes are drawn from leading experts from around the world, and include reference articles that are gathered up to the week prior to the programme running to ensure freshness and relevance of the content and informaton. Additionally, delegates all receive a prescribed textbook that covers the basics of e-marketing.

There will also be a number of case-studies from entrepreneurs, big-media players and corporates who have used social media.

Please mention the course to anyone who you think may be interested in it, as we need to have a certain amount of people signed up to go ahead with it. Also, feel free to contact me directly, or click through to the course website for more info. I will, of course, keep you posted with updates.
AuthorDave Duarte