Wine Marketing Course

My mentor and friend, Graham Knox, owner of Stormhoek Wines, has put together a remarkable wine marketing course for UCT Graduate School of Business, called Dirty Hands - A Practical Approach to Wine Marketing. It aims to teach you how to be a success in the world's second most competitive industry.

It is a distinctive offering in the wine marketing education space, because it actually takes delegates through the process of wine creation, while at the same time learning how each step is a selling point. At the end of the course, you will not only have created and bottled your own wine, but you will be able to sell it too!

"What excites me about this programme", says Elaine Rumboll, Director of Exec Ed. at UCT GSB, "is the awareness that if a marketer is to understand the value proposition of wine from its making to its distribution that there will develop alongside of this stories and emotional connections which will help marketers in their distribution. To my knowledge, this approach is ground breaking and not on offer in any of the other wine marketing material I have viewed globally".

The course runs from 24th-26th June 2008, and costs R7200.

I see that Wine Country is offering a free spot on the course, click the pic, or this link to see how you can get your place sponsored.
AuthorDave Duarte