There's been a lot of online buzz around the Web 2.0 segment that showed on Carte Blanche last week. I haven't been able to jump in, because I've had a week of back-to-back speaking engagements (in fact, as the segment was showing, I was participating in Talking Heads with The Heavy Chefs, and Mr. Cherry). Interestingly - I mentioned to someone that I was bleak to have missed it, and they assured me that someone would post the video online before I got home - and sure enough, Tyler had the scoop that same evening!

I think I can clear up at least a small part of the debate regarding the depth of the show, who was "chosen", and whether Web2.0 was well represented or not...

In July last year, the independent producer of the segment, Barbara Folscher, attended Nomadic Marketing at the GSB with me. About 3 months later she told me about her idea for the show, and we discussed how it could be portrayed.

In February this year, after Barbara had spent a significant time back-and-forthing around the story-line, researching, and refining the content for Carte Blanche, all the filming took place in a whirlwind 3 days.

Carte Blanch segments need to be positioned around issues of importance for ordinary South Africans. i.e. it wasn't trying to summarize what the Web 2.0 industry in South Africa is all about, but rather how is affecting people's lives.

Overall, the aim for the show was to raise Web 2.0 and the Mobile web as an emergent issue for people in SA. It was meant to give people a sense that things are changing quickly, perhaps too quickly. This was meant to be a little scary for some, and exciting for others. It was not meant to be in-depth analysis of new media in SA, but a primer to spark interest in the subject among regular viewers.

Like all good television, it also needs to be entertaining. To be entertaining around a subject which also needs alot of explaining is no mean feat. So a protagonist was needed - someone to develop the story around.

The first person I thought of was Rafiq, because he is fluent and active around the both the web and mobile web. I think he was perfect in this role, he spoke intelligently, clearly and with integrity.

Saatchi Creative Head, Allan Kent, was identified for the Ad industry commentator, but he graciously deferred the role to his CEO, Gail Curtis due to her high level vision around the subject and the industry (and the fact that she happened to be in Cape Town around the time of filming).

All the people selected to be involved in the segment needed to be in Cape Town because the actually shooting needed to happen within 3 days, and the crew needed to get between Rafiq and the other interviewees quickly.

I really enjoyed being a part of it, although I must say that being interviewed by John Webb was nerve-racking! So much to say, so little time!

Finally, here's the clip for those who missed it, courtesy of

p.s. A follow-up email I just received from Barbara tells me that Carte Blanche "have had a fantastic reaction from the viewers" about the programme:)
AuthorDave Duarte