Nomadic MarketingAs you may know, I direct a programme at UCT Graduate School of Business called Nomadic Marketing, which has come to be known as South Africa's leading Social-Media primer for marketing executives.

The concept of Nomadic Markets was born out of a growing awareness that the statically defined "markets" we traditionally targetted were rapidly becoming more diverse and fragmented. Also, the idea that a person is a passive receptacle of marketing information is past it's sell-by date.  The markets of today are on the move.

So Nomadic Marketing, addresses these three core issues and presents a more dynamic approach to marketing, which necessitates engagement, conversation, and a more dynamic, responsive approach to marketing planning.

Specifically, we look at a world where the dynamism of markets of the future is most pronounced - the web. We bring in thought-leaders and innovators in the space. Not just people who can talk the talk, but people who have proven success in taking their concepts to market.

The technical component of the programme equips delegates with the resources, tools and know-how to execute comprehensive online campaigns incorporating email, blogs, wikis, social-networks, podcasts, widgets, tagging, Search Engines, Social Media Optimization, and Mobile applications. Tactically, we give people case-studies and information around the reach and effectiveness of these tools in the South African and international context; issues around Law and Licensing, and issues around corporate security. Strategically, we engage top thinkers in the space around innovative communication strategies for the future; provide case-studies for inspiration; and facilitate processes that allow delegates to tap into their own creativity to pull together brilliant campaigns in this space.

Lecturers on the programme give superb notes, and approach the content in an engaging way - as per UCT GSB's "Alchemical Learning" model, which emphasises conversation over didactic teaching. They are also advised to look at the subject from a critical, rather than descriptive angle, which gives more depth to the content than would typically be found in a conference on the subject.

Past delegates have mentioned that the content on the programme was matched by the value of the networking and new contacts made through the it - not only with the faculty, but with the other delegates. Due to this, we are pioneering a new approach to executive education where not only do the delegates co-create the material in class, but we nurture an ongoing community of past-delegates who will meet once every two months on an ongoing basis to share reflections on their  learnings and progress. There are also a host of web-based services that we make available only to lecturers, delegates and alumni.

If you'd like to know more, you can check out the course blog HERE, or get in contact with Junita ( or 021 406 1323 ).

If you are a blogger, reporter, podcaster, or otherwise involved in the media, let me know if you would like more info or would like an interview with myself or any of the faculty -
AuthorDave Duarte