StavrosYou must checkout this stunning campaign by Nokia, called "Position Art". Oh my word, Max and I watched and laughed for minutes! Best of all, there's no Nokia branding on the site - it just so happens that the character, Stavros uses the N82 phone to create his art.

It asks people to participate in helping Stavros, a wacky egomaniac artist, to creae art in beautiful cities around the world, using GPS tracking and the landscape as your canvas.

Brilliant! It says exactly what it needs to, positions the phone as a powerful navigational device, and doesn't make me wary of being tricked or lied to with the usual big logos and condescending copywriting. I want an N82 now!

Thanks to Uwe for the heads up.

Update: Lol! Forgot to share the link... HERE!
AuthorDave Duarte