Stormhoek's new bottleMany people in South Africa know about the Stormhoek wine's marketing success story. But now, as announced on their blog, they're at risk of losing their hold on their largest market - the UK.

Despite the phenomenal sales and growth Stormhoek has experienced, Orbital Wines (Stormhoek's distribution partner in the UK) has gone out of business and is under administration from their bank. It seems they over-extended themselves by investing in other wineries around the world which weren't as lucrative as Stormhoek.
This is bad news for Stormhoek's owner, South Africa based Graham Knox. Not only does he not recover the funds he is owed by Orbital, but he needs quickly to re-establish distribution in the UK if the lucrative contracts he has in place with the major retailers in the UK (such as Tesco's) are to be maintained.

So Stormhoek is looking for an investor, someone to buy the distribution rights in the UK.

This is a superb opportunity for someone to own a significant stake in a global wine brand. I've met with Graham, and have heard the price. It's a figure which will easily be re-couped by the investor in a relatively short time.

Stormhoek has supported the geek community around the world, and South Africa in particular. Graham and Chris have asked me to blog about this investment opportunity because it might reach the right ears. As a social-media community we can help this South African success story continue. Blog it, Muti it, talk about it.
AuthorDave Duarte