From The Economics of Attention: Style and Substance in the Age of Information by Richard A. Lanham

Let's summarize the rules of attention-economy art as Andy [Warhol] practiced them:

  • Build attention traps. Create value by manipulating the ruling attention structures. Judo, not brute force, gets the best results. Duchamp did this for a joke. Do it for a business.

  • Understand the logic of the centripetal gaze and how to profit from it.

  • Draw your inspiration from your audience not your muse. And keep in touch with that audience. The customer is always right. No Olympian artistic ego need apply.

  • Turn the "masterpiece psychology" of conventional art upside down:

    • Mass production not skilled handwork

    • Mass audience not connoisseurship

    • Trendiness not timelessness

    • Repetition not rarity

  • Objects do matter. Don't leave the world of stuff behind while you float off in cyberspace. Conceptual art gets you nowhere. Create stuff you can sell.

  • Live in the present. That's where the value is added. Don't build your house in eternity. "My work has no future at all. I know that. A few years. Of course my things will mean nothing."
AuthorDave Duarte