Today's my first full day back at the office. If my schedule this week is anything to go by, then 2008 is gonna rock!

Warning: The following material is some form of self-promotion, please stop reading if you're not interested in what I'm up to. I'd recommend reading it only if there's a possibility we can work together this year:)

On Thursday I'm facilitating a think tank with Dr. Marjolijn Dijterhuys, 13 MBA students from the University of Amsterdam and 6 accomplished South African ICT entreneurs. There's going to be lots of learning on all sides as we seek to uncover innovative opportunities for European business in South Africa, and South African business in Europe.

On Friday I'm off to Joburg for some planning around the iCommons summit in Japan in July, and to celebrate Heather's birthday!

I'm running part of a course at UCT this year for over 1000 commerce students! It's going to be based on the Attention Economics course I ran for the second year business science students last year.

I'll be continuing my work with UCT Graduate School of Business - guest lecturing on the MBA and various other Executive Education programmes, as well as running Nomadic Marketing in April and September this year.

I'm also really excited to launch two new ventures this year with my partners: Huddlemind Labs (where we'll be doing stuff to help people apply innovative business strategies - mainly consulting, publishing and events); and the new version of Muti (which is going to take the core concept and make it more useful for businesses and other niche communities). I'll make the respective announcements and introduce my partners on these projects when we launch - which should be this month.

Besides that, I'm still managing a few corporate software development jobs. With my client's permission I'll share these with you if they're going to be made public. I'm always looking for good web developers and designers to work with.
I'm also available as a speaker if you're holding a conference, or a facilitator if you're doing a workshop.

Please drop me a mail if you think we can work together, intern at any of the businesses, or can provide any related services. Info at
AuthorDave Duarte