Last week, my perspective was shifted by an improvisational leadership educator. I told him "Robert, you always make the best of situations", and he said: "No, Dave, I always make good of situations". There's an important distinction there.

See, there is only one best solution to any challenge, but there are usually alot of good solutions. When I am focusing only on "the best", I can get gripped by fear of failure and end up not taking any action at all.

In the business sense, there are companies who's top goal for the next year is "to be the best in xyz-sector". How can they expect to make market-disrupting innovation breakthroughs in this way? Doesn't focussing on being the best keep us from being characterful?

When I asked an entrepreneur billionaire a few years ago what his number 1 tip for business success is, he told me: "Don't try be big. If you're focussed on being big, you'll mess up. Just try be good and the growth will be natural".
AuthorDave Duarte