I just got a mail from Jimmy Wales saying the following:
Yesterday at Wikimania in Taipei, Heather and I announced this:

This is my first time making a node so I am not sure I understand the
process, but according to the website, it is editable for the next 48
hours, and there is a link for YOU to collaborate. Please do. This is
a rough but fabulous fun idea, and there is plenty of room to flesh it

The core concept: a global movement to schedule 50 fabulous parties.

The purpose of the parties is the purpose of iCommons: to build the
movement, to cross-pollinate the creativity. Get the Wikipedians, CC
types, artists, programmers all to meet each other socially in the
expectation that great things will come out of it.

To qualify as a success, a party has to have a certain number of people
attending, pictures have to be posted, it can't just be a wikipedia
meetup or a party with people you already know, it needs to be
reasonably gender balanced, etc. I don't know all the exact rules but
we can have fun making them up. :)

We're DEFINITELY having at least one of these fabulous parties in SA! Drop a comment here, mail me or sign up on the iCommons node to be get involved! YAY!

UPDATE: The Wiki is >>HERE<<
AuthorDave Duarte