27dinner logoThe venue has moved from the Hotel School this month. We shall be 27dinnering at Relish, the original venue.
It's at:
70 New Church Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 422 3584
Map: http://www.relish.co.za/contactus.htm

It's a less formal venue, more conducive to moving around and socializing.

As usual, it's pay-as-you-go dining. No set menu or obligations. There's no formal seatng this time, so expect to go for tappas and pizza instead of the usual 3-courses.

Sponsors this time are Cerebra (orkanizing), Symantec (projector and sound), Lingham Capital (desserts), Zoopy (3video iPods e squared fashion (funky tshirt giveaway), Ikineo (speaker's food), Stormhoek (some vino) and Charley's Bakery (take-home goodies).
AuthorDave Duarte