AdMobI just saw that AdMob recently served its 5billionth mobile ad. Wow.

What was extra-interesting is that South Africa is their second largest market globally. 15% of their ad impressions are served here - close to 70million a month.

The publishers in AdMob’s network have been categorised into five primary content channels. Of the five channels, ‘Communities’ and ‘Downloads’ far outweigh ‘Portals’, ‘News and Information’, and ‘Entertainment’ in terms of traffic. The traffic breakdown by channel is:

1. Communities: 45 %
2. Downloads: 44%
3. Portals : 8%
4. Entertainment: 2%
5. News and Information: 1%

The most popular channel, Community, contains sites that have aggregated user content in some form or another. These mobile sites may include discussion groups, mobile page building services, forums, or even dating sites.

I might be stating the obvious, but the prevalence of Community and Downloads at the top of the list confirms that people are still far more interested in using their handsets to keep up with their friends than they are interested in consuming commercially produced content on the small screen.
AuthorDave Duarte