Thanks to Alan O'Rourke for the use of this awesome Podcasting GraphicA podcast can be an extremely engaging and high-impact business-to-business marketing tool. Many companies, particularly business service providers, seek to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry by writing articles and white-papers, but haven't considered using the same content in audio form as a podcast.

Increasingly, people are looking to have more control over their media consumption, and for content which best fits their information and entertainment needs. Companies should aim to make their communication available in as many formats as possible, in order to fit people's increasingly complex media consumption preferences.

Some other advantages of podcasts:

Podcasts can be produced with very little cost and effort, but can be accessible by an influential global audience.
People can subscribe to receive your podcast regularly - like a newsletter in audio form.
Voice can be more effective than text alone in conveying personality and building trust.

An alternative use in large companies could be an in-house podcast which employees can download from the internal server. This could be used as a training aid, culture-building tool, or as an alternative to the usual newsletter.

MP3 players are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, especially as many new cellphones integrate them. I would like to encourage companies to start wrapping their heads around this medium and get a headstart in building subscriber bases.

AuthorDave Duarte