Technomadic DinerPart of the Nomadic Marketing programme at UCT GSB includes a dinner with a couple of talks. We've decided to make this an open event in order to expand the network of people who have convergent interests in new-marketing and related technologies.

Eric suggested that we combine it with his Open Coffee club, which happens on the same night. So from that group we're likely to meet some people involved in the tech-startup space.

The student group from the GSB programme consists of 55 people. They're mainly top corporate managers, but there are a few CEOs of listed companies too, as well as some successful entrepreneurs and other people who are looking for the next edge in business. All in all, a very dynamic group. They'll be worthwhile to meet, and to possibly do business with.

We will have two "Pecha Kucha" style presentations:

  1. Jon Cherry will present "Neo-Marketing Trends and Opportunities"

  2. Glen Verran will present "Podcasting for Business"

And a keynote:
Jon Foster-Pedley will present on "Strategy in the World After Midnight", a lesson which draws on Jon's wealth of experience in big-business strategy with months of research into the opportunities presented by Web2.0 and Wikinomics.

The dinner is free to attend, however we have a set menu which will come to about R120 (to be confirmed - although I've asked them to make it less if possible). Fortunately you won't have to pay for wine, because Stormhoek is providing and we know it's good!

Booking is essential, due to the partial formality of the event. The catch is that we're experimenting with Facebook as an event management tool so you have to book on the event page HERE.

UPDATE: Please note bookings are ONLY through Facebook for this event, and only people marked "Attending" reserve a seat. When we have 40 people marked "Attending" on Facebook, bookings closes.

p.s. Thanks to Adii who designed the web-flyer above in super-quick time!

AuthorDave Duarte