Business Acumen for ArtistsThe art world is fascinating to me. It is filled with passionate, educated and talented people, most of who make hardly any money from it! Quite obviously there is a need for business education in this community.

So UCT Business School is running a 13 week programme to "assist artists in developing the business acumen needed to step into their rightful commercial space - without compromising their artistic integrity". Wow.

Interestingly, alot of the "soft-skills" necessary in producing excellent art, are increasingly desirable in business today. Creativity, intuition, collaboration, remix, commentary, cultural sensitivity... The same type of values we see in new-marketing.

It's being offered at a highly subsidized rate of R2500 for the entire 13week process - the money goes to the Obz Community Centre.

It's going to be highly practical. I'm honoured to be involved. Please help spread the word.

More info HERE.
AuthorDave Duarte
CategoriesArt, Education