At gym this morning I was thinking about some of the comments I got on a previous posts I'd written. I replied to the comments, but I didn't really show them justice in terms of what they meant to me and how they informed my opinion. I think a better blogger would have done a follow-up post, referencing the comments and perhaps adapting his point of view accordingly.

See, I've treated my blog a bit like a magazine - the posts are loosely related to a central theme, but each can pretty much stand on it's own without the context of the rest. I'm not the only blogger who does this, take a look around. This is a waste of the true potential of a blog.

The best blog, in my mind at least, is the blog that I get addicted to, that I need to go back to on a regular basis like a soap opera. They make me feel like I'm engaged in a conversation with the blogger, and that my comments can inform his point of view. I feel like a co-creator of such a blog.
AuthorDave Duarte