Now that many of my friends and business associates are now my friends on Facebook, I have noticed a reduction in the amount of email I get from them. This is absolutely brilliant as far as I’m concerned.

Spam is a massive problem with normal email. Facebook answers this problem by only allowing people who you have accepted as friends to send you messages. Of course, you can also receive messages from groups, but if you ever decide you don’t want to hear from them again you can simply leave group.

The other issue that alot of people have with email is the amount of chain messages and emails not related to work that get sent around during office hours. But now people can simply add the stuff that they think is funny to their Facebooks and allow their friends to look at it when they find it convenient or when they’re in the mood.

I look forward to one-day reducing my inbox quota to single digits, and officially declaring email bankruptcy!
AuthorDave Duarte
CategoriesEmail, Facebook