Nomadic Marketing Blog

The Web2.0 Marketing course that we're going to be running at UCT Business School in July now has a blog:) Go to to check it out.

We've got a seriously kickass faculty who will be sharing presentations, insights, reports, videos and anything else related to their topic of expertise in Nomadic Marketing. We're looking to make it a super-useful resource for anyone who is interested.

If you have any e-books, whitepapers or reports that you can pass along, please also send them to me and we're likely to post them if they're relevant - sharing is caring;)

Already, very nice chaps from Google, Ericsson, Ernst & Young and Forrester have emailed me a bunch of awesome slideshows which we'll be posting up there daily.

Thanks to Adii for the design, and Max for the super-cool pic of the old-ladies that was used in the header-bar.

p.s. We also updated the Cerebra site this week. Much better now :-)
AuthorDave Duarte