Vinny Demo's synthasite at 27dinnerVinny Lingham has just announced the first limited public offering of Synthasite - free web-based software that makes it easier and faster to create powerful websites.

The product isn't yet ready for full public lauch - so this release is aimed at the super-early adopters (i.e. geeks).

From a strategic marketing perspective, semi-public launches like this are an excellent way to crowdsource product testing to identify bugs and usability issues... Quoting from the launch email:
What's not here yet?

Lots... but specifically, we haven't focused too much on usability. We need you to break it, and also give us lots of feedback. It will only get better, but only through feedback. We need to know what you like, what you don't like and any bugs you find!

Join the discussion at

Of course, for South African's involved in the web-space, we'd love to see Vinny be another Mark Shuttleworth - and if the ideals of Synthasite are achieved then we're certain to have another e-rockafella in our midsts in the next couple of years.

Other PR Highlights from the pre-launch include a TechCrunch review and Vinny's demo at 27dinner.
AuthorDave Duarte