27dinnerMike and I have decide to take 27dinner to the road...  Durban will have it's first 27dinner on the 27th of July, and Pretoria on the 27th August.

27 is a get together, held on the 27th day of each month for geeks, marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, media practitioners, speakers - well, just about anybody who is keen - to share ideas and news and opinions over food and drin. We usually have 3-4 short presentations too.

Attendance is free, you just pay for your own food (unless we can somehow get that sponsored too).

So if you're in Durbs or Pretoria and interested in coming along, please pop your name on the respective wiki's (here).

Next step: We need collaborators in these cities  to help recommend venues, speakers and help spread the word.
AuthorDave Duarte