Icommons iSummit

I'm on my way to the iCommons iSummit in Croatia this weekend. I'll be facilitating a bunch of workshops there under the banner: "Peer Production: Technological, Economic and Social norms".

Commons based peer production is about bringing people together, especially online, to voluntarily collaborate on large and meaningful creations. Prime examples of this are GNU/Linux, OpenBusiness and, of course, Wikipedia. These creations start with vision and understanding, but their success is often dependent on funding, dedication, and the right tools and technologies to support them.

At this year's iSummit the "Peer Production - Social, Technological and Economic Norms" stream will highlight and discuss ways to boost (or start) a peer produced project. In particular, we'll be looking at the gritty issues like motivation, funding, sustainability, and what free resources and software are available for creators.

We'll be kicking off the stream with a workshop on how to translate high level ideas and vision into practical, working communities. The panelists have built and run successful open communities and they'll be sharing their methods and a discussing how to make sure others can do the same and better.

The next panel is entitled "Commons Based Peer Production in Second Life", here we will will look at the role of Virtual World's in helping people from different cultures come together, communicate, and above all: add real-world value.

We'll also be looking at how to grow commons based business models. Our focus here will be on peer-economics, non-monetary business incentives and emerging open business models. The panel will present numerous business models ranging from distributed peer investment in music, film and the arts to p2p finance services and innovative organizational models following the Open Source paradigm. We will also launch OpenBusiness Tools aimed at helping to grow Commons Based Business Models.

The third workshop will gather artists and users together with FLOSS (free/libre open source software) developers to find out what both sides could do to increase the use of free software multimedia tools among artists.

The 6 invited iCommons Artists in Residence at the Summit will join us in discussing how they, as contemporary professional artists, engage with the copyfight and balance that with artistic practice, funding and the sale of their work.

The new iCommons site is going to be a powerful platform to bring cool projects and ideas to the fore; to gather collaborators and coordinate their efforts. Attendees to this stream will be encouraged and guided in using it Heather Ford and the iCommons team will close the Peer Production stream with some guidelines on how to get involved in peer producing the iCommons Summit 2008, especially throught the new site to help make it the best yet!
AuthorDave Duarte