Art with a HeartAnother cool initiative by Platypus Productions:
Art with Heart provides those ‘frustrated’ artists working in the advertising, marketing and production industries with the opportunity to create personal artwork in various media and have these exhibited at an annual exhibition where clients and colleagues can discover their other creative sides. All the works will be for sale and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

You can submit Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Knitting, or whatever. And some of the top people in the industry have already signed up to submit. I expect Kirby and Max will be making excellent submissions too:)

Jill and Stanley from Platypus have asked me to put out a request for someone to create and manage a blog for this project. I think it's gonna be quite a good networking opportunity, possibly for a student looking to get involved in Marketing or Advertising. It will run until November. Please mail me if you're interested.
AuthorDave Duarte