There's been a real uproar in the blogosphere recently after David Bullard, a very popular journalist, slated bloggers in his weekly Sunday Times column.

In classic Bullard style, it's over-the-top, opinionated, and tongue-in-cheek arrogant. The man is a master of fuelling debate and controversy.... typically selecting prominent public targets who will make lots of noise. Hence bloggers were ripe and ready to be picked.... And boy were they juicy! (This incident has been dubbed BullardGate)

I've often echoed P.T. Barnums assertion that "No Attention is bad attention" (if you channel it well). Colin Daniels, Sunday Times' New Media strategist, would probably agree... Bullardgate has attracted a massive influx of traffic and inbound-hyperlinks to

Kudos to the Sunday Times multimedia team for making the most of this (they grabbed the bullard by the horns) and immediately recording a follow video-cast series and dedicated page on their site.

Best of all, this gives me a good reason to point out that Mike and I were quoted in the same newspaper on the same day in another article about blogging: Business Times: Business Missing Out on Blogging.
AuthorDave Duarte