27dinnerIt's on at the Primi Piatti Studio at the Zone, Rosebank. We're looking to kick off at 18:00 - a bit earlier than usual because it's on a Sunday.

Really exciting speakers for night are Colin Daniels (online strategy manager The Times); Erik Hersman (the White African); and Vinny Lingham (top young IT entrepreneur in Africa & endeavor entrepreneur for 2006).  Vinny is going to be making a very exciting announcement on the night.

Even more exciting is the list of attendees who are coming - some seriously kickass media and geek-folk.

If you have a digital camera or video recorder, be sure to bring it along because Zoopy will be rewarding someone who uploads their 27dinner pics or vids with a brand new Sony DVD camera (to be given away at the next Jozi 27dinner). >>More <<

 Skyrove will also auction two wifi hotspots away, and give the money raised to iCommons.

Stormhoek will, as always provide complimentary social lube in the form of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage, Pinot Grigio, and Rose goodness.
AuthorDave Duarte