Max, Joshin, Dee, and TaniaWhen lots of cool stuff has already been said about an event, is it worthwhile to add yet another blog post to the mix?

When I first started blogging, I would be eager to write about something, but then I'd see it written on another SA blog and I would get demotivated. I was looking for the scoop in every case... So I ended up not posting very often at all.

Part of what's interesting when analysing blog posting volumes is how the number of posts increase around major news events.

So anyway, my point: I took a lovely hike last week. At various junctures there were sign posts marking the way, held up by a pile of stones. Everyone that passes these sign-posts should add a stone to the pile because the winds and rain are constantly rolling other's stones away. It's a seemingly trivial act, but it's a way to help guide other hikers and show them that they're on the right path.

So, having said that... A bunch of support stones have already been piled up for the recent 27 dinner. But I'd like to add mine. Some thanks:

  • To the people who put their name down on the wiki and actually came!

  • To Stormhoek for providing the wine and organising the venue.

  • To my business partners at Cerebra, Mike in particular, for continued support of the 27-dinner project.

  • To Zoopy for creating a dedicated 27-dinner channel and sponsoring TWO Sony DVD Camera's as prizes for people at the dinner who shot videos and pics and uploaded them to Zoopy. (Winners to be announced at 27-5 in Joburg in May)

  • To Henk, who donated 3 Skyrove wifi hotspot kits. We auctioned them off at the dinner to raise funds for iCommons. And also to the angel bidders who bought them: Nikki Friedman, Jacques Marneweck, and Ian Gilfillan.

  • To the speakers: Ian Gilfillan (Deep, soulful and technologically advanced!), Glen Verran (Passionate voice of the SA podcasting movement) and Mike Scott (Hilarious, profound and inspiring cartoonist).

I know that lots of good networking and socialising happened. I, for one, am chuffed at the result... Although, to be honest, I would have loved to have seen more racially diverse representation there, especially on Freedom Day.
AuthorDave Duarte