CC button1 Some of you may already know that Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and Lawrence Lessig (CEO Creative Commons) are on their way to South Africa in April as part of the Free Culture tour organised by iCommons.

This tour will culminate in a live music event on the 20th April entitled "Bring & Braai". The name refers to the social aspects of burning music and other content on CD's and sharing it with friends.

It's being held at the Armchair Theatre in Obs on the 20th April (this venue was chosen because of it's vociferous support for free artistic culture in SA).

The Muso's have organised a kickass music lineup of some of SA's hottest new bands, who will lead the way in freely licencing some tracks on the SA Free Music Database.

Bring & Braai is about more than just entertainment and speeches though, as Heather Ford (Executive Director of iCommons) explained (<< video) at the recent 27dinner. The Free Culture cause is a matter of protecting our rights to create and share content online, which are currently under threat from the old guard who are scared by the emergent online culture of open-access citizen media.

iCommons is looking for some sponsorship of the event, as well as a bit of help with the publicity. Us bloggers can do help by writing about it and linking to the Bring and Braai blog. The buttons I've used were created by Shinjuku for this purpose, you can use them too.
AuthorDave Duarte