Honda Globe F1 racing carHonda recently decided to forego advertising on their F1 racing car in favour of an image of the world - to promote the perception of Honda being environmentally friendly.... and raising money for environmental causes through the website associated with the car,

Instead of the $100million or so they'd get for selling ads on their car, they're using the million dollar homepage idea and selling 1.2million pixels of adspace on a virtual car on the site - which will then appear on the real car next season. If you buy adspace on the car, you're also asked to select an environmentally friendly pledge to take - stuff like turning the thermostat down a degree or installing 3 energy saving light bulbs

There's quite obviously alot of money to be made by appealing to the Greenies, there's alot of emotion attached to the Global Warming crisis right now (just ask Robert). Honda has created a campaign that is bold, creative, buzz-worthy, and most importantly, makes a positive difference by getting people involved in doing environmentally friendly stuff.

AuthorDave Duarte