There's great opportunity in creating links between the real-world and the electronic world. This trend is coming to be dubbed "the web of things" - referring to how objects in the real world increasingly are represented virtually online too (with all the other dimensions that the online space entails).
A couple of examples:

  • I read recently about someone's idea to create real-world credit cards for people to draw out their virtual-world (e.g. Second Life) earnings.
  • Something which Angus touched on at the 27dinner was the idea of cellphones being used to scan barcodes on products and adverts. So, you could simply pass your cellphone camera over a barcode on an advert or product and get more information about that product online via WAP on your cellphone. more

I'm looking out for all the ways that I can sync my clients products and services with web and mobile technologies. Any other cool examples you can think of?

AuthorDave Duarte