27dinner logo27dinner was launched in Cape Town lastnite. The concept, backed by our company, Cerebra, is to bring together people at the nexus of media, marketing and technology.

Basically, 27dinners provide a real-life platform for people interested in the web and tech space to meet and share ideas in an informal, lively atmostphere... And provide content, entertainment and wine.

The 5 speakers lastnite were:
Graham Knox - on how his winery, Stormhoek, is achieving major marketing success through their blog campaign and collaboration withthe popular web cartoon Gaping Void.

Verity - on helping her fans become a more integral part of the music by buying 5000 cds before she's even recorded her album, and how she is doing socially uplifting work with that money. She also sang beautifully, and her pianist and drummer were awesome!

Shelly Levin - on the the characteristics and advantages of online affiliate marketing as opposed to other forms of marketing

Angus Robinson
- on the latest developments in mobile marketing, as well as some trends and forthcoming attractions in the mobile space.

Guy Lundy
- on why Cape Town doesn't suck, his new role as CEO of ACT (a big business collaboration for economic and social upliftment in Cape Town) and an appeal to bloggers to get involved.

The occasion was also used to launch TWAC (Talking Without A Clue), a comedic video-sharing site geared for mobile and web viewing in SA. Everyone there got a mini-disc as part of the launch promo. (disclosure: they're a Cerebra client)

I got super-enthusiastic feedback about the event... thanks for that! However, there was also some criticism that the event wasn't geeky enough, that the speeches should be limited in duration, and that the food was too pricey. Noted, thanks for that too.

I'm considering doing a pecha-kucha type format for the next dinner - way shorter talks, but with just as much cool idea sharing and more opportunity to meet the other very interesting people there.

Links to the people who blogged about the event will go up on the 27-2 page for all to see.

Also, thanks to the presentation impresarios at Missing Link and Quirk, we will have full video coverage of the talks. They'll notify us when the edit is done and we'll post the links so the people who couldn't make it lastnite can see what it was about.

Thanks to YOU if you came, what a super crowd of people:)
AuthorDave Duarte