One of the most fundamental lessons I learned in Social Media Marketing is that the conversations between "ordinary" people are an extremely powerful force for change and adoption of ideas, products and services.

Likewise, Pres. Thabo Mbeki, realised that the cumulative effect of South African businessmen saying kak things abroad about their country was having a terrible impact on the SA economy, both in terms of investment and tourism.

It simply makes no sense to deride the economy that supports you. The conversations that we have about our country are what determines the value of our collective SA brand. We can't expect the IMC to take full responsibility for it when it's us that really have the power.

This is exactly what Nicholas Haralambous is going to do doing with his new site, SA Rocks... So if you feel like doing a good deed today, simply go on and add your message, picture or logo (NB!) to the collective there.
AuthorDave Duarte