Independent Armchair TheatreThe Armchair Theatre is a well established little venue in Obs, Cape Town that has remained popular by constantly innovating with their marketing in very practical ways. Their latest promotion on their MySpace page is as practical as it is innovative.

They sent out a Myspace message (login req.) to all their friends (i.e. people who have given them permission) saying:
Get free entrance to The Independent Armchair Theatre by reviewing the next show you go to.

All you have to do is post a review in our Myspace comments section. This will get you 1 x free entry. The next time you arrive at The Armchair your name will be on the guest list.

Your review then gets posted on their website - so they get lots of reviews for free, while also attracting opinion leaders (who care enough to write reviews) for a follow-up show. The reviews get republished on their main website to give the reviews even further reach... Effectively Turning Customers Into Evangelists (<< click if you didn't get the obscure reference to a funnel in the title of this post).
AuthorDave Duarte