A friend of mine who works in marketing for a very large and progressive company was complaining to me that her company's tactics of muscling their customers into buying product was outdated and, frankly, disrespectful to their customers.

This lead to a discussion on the Attention Economy. I explained that Economies are driven by what's scarce, and that in an age of over-abundant information we have proportionately less Attention to pay to it all.

The point is that our Attention is scarce and valuable. This is why we're getting annoyed with all the advertising being forced on us. It virtually amounts to theft if we haven't given permission for the advertiser to speak to us! Quite obviously, this is unethical.
What can progressive marketers do to amend this?

We can offer meaningful experiences that transcend the advert itself - whether by offering a chance to connect with like-minded others at an event like a 27dinner, or simply becoming a source of social-currency (by creating a compelling story or great humour).

The point is that we're all used to giving away our attention without a second thought to how really, economically valuable it is. Great marketing in the future will be respectful of this and offer real, economic value in return.
AuthorDave Duarte