Geek Dinner LogoJune 2006 saw the first BarCamp being held in Cape Town - a co-created (un)conference for SA programmers and web-heads. As a result, many new friendships and business alliances were formed and an off-line trust community started developing. More recently we had the successful PodCamp Cape Town, more specifically focussing on new-media content creators.

The third installment in the Cape Town un-conference series is called *Camp (or StarCamp), it's being organized be Neil Blakey-Milner and Jonathan Hitchcock. It's a two day event on the 8-9th December, it's for all the new-media rock stars - marketers, geeks, entrepreneurs and bloggers. There's likely to be some great connections to be made and new hacks and opportunities discovered.

Attendance is free, although the organisers ask for your participation in order to attend - by giving a talk, blogging about it, sponsoring, or helping with logistics. Checkout the wiki for more.
AuthorDave Duarte