Ananzi, a South African search engine, has just announced it's top 10 searches for 2006 on BizCommunity.
Ananzi's Top Ten Keywords for 2006

1) Jobs
2) Property
3) Maps
4) Furniture
5) Chat
6) Google
7) Dating
8) Car hire
9) Accommodation
10) Sex

I thought it interesting to compare that with Google's top 10 for 2006:

Google's Top Ten Keywords for 2006:

1) Bebo
2) MySpace
3) World Cup

4) Metacafe
5) Radioblog
6) Wikipedia
7) Video
8) Rebelde
9) Mininova
10) Wiki

The South African Ananzi searches are more to do with practicalities such as finding a job, a house and furniture, whereas the primarily American Google searches are more socially oriented, with software applications, websites and entertainment dominating.

This is a clear reflection of the way internet is used in SA... We have slower, more expensive internet and low broadband penetration, so when the average South African is online he probably just wants to find what he has to and get the hell out before he incurs too much Telkom debt!

What else do you think the difference between these lists might indicate?

AuthorDave Duarte