27dinner 27Jan, JoburgThe inaugural 27 dinner in Joburg lastnite was sooo much fun, and so productive in terms of meeting awesome people to do business with. I see that there are lots of others writing about the dinner already so I'll leave in depth coverage to those who didn't drink quite as much Stormhoek as I did.

What I do remember quite clearly though is that Mike, Carl and I officially launched our company, Cerebra, at the event! *yay*

We are already doing work with some of the jeeks* who were there lastnite, and it seems that we'll be collaborating with some others in the near future... Hence, I think it was the perfect occasion for the announcement.

There are some photos of the event here.
* the official definition of a "jeek" is: Someone who succeeds at the nexus of media, technology and business.
AuthorDave Duarte