Leadership is taking responsibility for our own actions, thoughts and strategy.

It's dangerous and lazy to hand this power over to someone else, yet this is what most of us do. You don't have to be the boss to be a leader.

The essence of leadership is vision, knowing the desired destination and leading yourself and your company there.

It requires discipline. Most importantly though, it requires conscientious decision-making which stems from a plan. Have goals. Know your values and what you stand for.

Great Leaders inspire leadership qualities in those that they lead, so in essence, leadership is viral.

Isn't that what we Marketers crave so much?

Leadership is getting people to do what you want because THEY want to. It requires compassion, empathy and understanding on your part (also known as Market Research!).

Yes, this is a Marketing blog, and I am thinking about this in terms of marketing. The difference between an outstanding Marketer and an average one is the sparkling gem called Leadership.
AuthorDave Duarte