Sme of the audience enjoying the talksI really enjoyed the Stormhoek Geek Dinner lastnite, not just because of the free wine.

The atmosphere was relaxed and postive, and the conversation was intelligent and mostly tech, future and business oriented.

We had 5 speakers for the evening Graham Knox (owner of Stormhoek), Gavin Chiat (Whythawk), Conrad Strydom (GeekSpin), Jon Cherry (Cherryflava), and Mike Stopforth.

Then the event went opensource: Adrian Rossouw, Shane Wilson, Rafiq Phillips, and Max Kaizen took the open-mic.

Adrian will be doing Drupal courses in Cape Town soon, so keep an eye out for that.Jon Cherry, wearing a shirt that said “Jou ma se blog� ended with a call to get people to suggest a phrase to print on t-shirts to sell from his site. He wants to sell 100 of them, the profits of which will go towards the next geek dinner!

From an organizational perspective, the event was perhaps the easiest I’ve ever done. Quite simply, it was one meetingMr Cheryflava & Mr Stormhoek, two of the most formidable men in SA online marketing inovation with Stormhoek to get the concept, creating a wiki to explain the concept and get registration, a call to book the venue, and an announcement on this blog. The rest took care of itself - Sound and Recording equipment from Darin the Designer & Captain Chris; pro photography from Pyxels, and publicity courtesy of the bloggers in attendance:-) Thanks everyone for getting involved and contributing. (more, more, more & more)
It just confirms for me the effectiveness of collaborative online technologies like wiki’s and blogs as well as the awesomeness of being part of a community of really inspirational people, the passionate, hard-working, intelligent and friendly geeks of South Africa.
AuthorDave Duarte