Success, it turns out, is quite simple. (Note: I didn't say it's easy)

  1. Have a goal (e.g. Write a book)

  2. Define what you need to do to achieve that goal (e.g.write a page every day)

  3. Do each step, no matter how you feel or what "circumstances" seem to dictate. (e.g. even if I think I don't have time or inspiration - I'll write!)

My most advanced teachers at Karate remind me all the time: The "secret" of mastery is just to train consistently. Wanna master that technique? Train. Wanna be a 7th Dan black belt? Train. Train. Train. Twice a week, for the next thirty years... if you just keep it up, you'll make progress.

Often our most inspirational performances come when we don't feel like it. Beckham's goal against Equador this week was proof of that - despite being physically sick (he chundered on the field), he played the match and scored the goal that his team needed to win.
AuthorDave Duarte