I've been richly rewarded with Attention this week - mainly as a result of giving it to others, and then getting it back multiplied by three! (isn't there a "universal law" like that?)

Here's how it went:

Mike Stopforth sends a mail out asking bloggers to link to Bead4need. It's a good cause, so I do the link... I also decide to talk about Bead4need a Barcamp.

Next thing, Conrad & Rafiq (both very popular bloggers) trackback to me because beads and a Marketing 2.0 presentation at BarCamp seem an unusual combination.

Then Bead4need take notice and thank me along with CherryFlava and Derrick the Bandit.

Simultaneously I set up a blog for my friends at Caffeine, Sea Point. Who then decided to sponsor my charity tuckshop at BarCamp with coffee. Their site stats blew up, and they linked back to me. (Thanks)

A major highlight was that Graham Knox, from Stormhoek wines fame personally delivered a case of Stormhoek to our office. He's pulling through to Barcamp tomorrow, and will hopefully be helping me out with my Stormhoek case study presentation.

Then today I was honoured with Web AddiCT status - call me "IMM 2.0".

To top it all off, some old friends came across my blog and got hold of me. Nice.

It's weeks like this that make me realize what a great investment of time blogging is.

Thanks for the love guys.

Bonus1: Check this out from Bru & Boegie:
Bru & Boegie

Bonus 2: BarCamp Cape Town mentioned in CNN Money!: Why "un-conferences" are fun conferences
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