Welcome to week 24 2006.

Last week was hectic, busy, stressful and - thanks to my friends - memorable and survivable. A close encounter with the flu has reminded me that Health IS the first wealth. Without a doubt. I'll be sippin' herbal tea and eating all my veggies this week.

Creativity & Chilling

Another article on Creativity caught my attention this week: "You ARE creative!" (from Presentation Zen)
I took these Brenda Ueland quotes from there:

  • "The imagination needs moodling -- long inefficient, happy idling, dawdling, and puttering. People who are always briskly doing something and as busy as waltzing mice, they have little, sharp, staccato ideas...But they have no slow, big ideas."

  • "What you write today is the result of some span of idling yesterday, some fairly long period of protection from talking and busyness."

For me, the reason I’m here is to be happy and creative, and to add to the overall happiness and creativity levels of the world. There’s just no-way I can do that if I’m stressed-out, unhealthy and tired.


"Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust."
Stephen M.R. Covey (the son of 7 Habits Stephen Covey).

What a phrase – and isn’t it the truest thing?

In business Lower Trust = Lower Speed + Higher Costs.

Trustworthiness isn’t something we’re born with, it something we do… and we can start saving time, being happier and making more cash by: talking straight, keeping commitments, taking responsibility for our actions and results, and clarifying expectations. (this is just a start)

I know the pain of betrayal, so I hope to never cause anyone that kind of pain. Therefore, I hereby publicly pledge to always be fully honourable and accountable in ALL my relationships (business & personal)! May all of you, my friends, hold me accountable to this statement.

In closing:

  • Thanks Lindsay Goslet, PR at BMW Pavillion Theatre, for hooking me up with tickets to "Piano in my Pocket" on Thursday. Chris Mila and I really enjoyed the live piano backed by the huge IMAX screen. Something different. I'll be sure to recommend it. (actually, I just have!)

Gaping Void chat

  • At BarCamp this Friday (see below) I'll be giving an interactive talk on "Marketing 2.0" (social media marketing, bootstrapping, word-of-mouth etc) using case studies from Stormhoek Wine, and Caffeine in Seapoint, and Bead4need.

  • The PPP Winter's ball was FABULOUS!

Have a HEALTHY, happy week ahead. Enjoy the soccer!
AuthorDave Duarte