I start exams this week, so time management has been on my mind. Fortunately, my sister sent me a useful article, "Do it now" by Steve Pavlina. He did a double degree in three semesters, had a full-time programming job, and was awarded the top student award - while still having time to exercise and have a social life. Okay - the last part actually goes without saying, because I don't think he'd be able to achieve all that without excercise and friends to ease some of the pressure.
That's one thing I've learned about time management: It doesn't work in the long run if you have to sacrifice your relaxation and play time.

In his article called "The Abolition of Work", Bob Black calls for a ludic (fun) revolution - a move towards a more playful approach to productivity. It's been a while since an article affected me so profoundly. In a nutshell the author convinced me that work is harmful and that we should rather spend our time playing. I agree, so as I write this I'm sipping a beer at the office, playing my favourite music and joking around with a couple of colleagues - something which would have been unthinkable to me a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly though my productivity is at an all-time high. Thanks to Mike Scott, creator of Bru & Boegie - the kiffest cartoon in the world, for that link.

I hope that some of this more playful approach comes through in my writing.
AuthorDave Duarte