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Tom Peters, one of my favourite business gurus, wrote an important article: "The Brand Called You".

It was written in 1997, and has spawned a whole micro-industry of "Brand You Consultants". It is one of the most important articles you could possibly read if you agree with me that we're working and playing in an "Attention Economy".
Basically, "The Brand Called You" article says that if we want to get ahead then we should apply Marketing and promotion to ourselves in the same way that Nike or Coca Cola does with their products.

This is the reason that I have a personal website/blog: Its one of the ways that I'm building my personal brand. It's not easy though, I gotta tell you. Great brands evolve and develop - and they usually take time... I've been writing on this blog for about three months now, and I'm much happier with my writing but I still don't think that I've found a voice that resonates with who I really am, and with what you (precious Reader) love to read about regularly.... But I'm getting there:-) (i.e. audience is growing by the week!)
One of the best reasons for having my own blog is that I can "put my best foot forward" when potential clients, employers, business partners, and even old friends search for me online.
(Previous to doing this blog, I think the top hit for my name on Yahoo was this article about a deal that went sour a couple of years ago - c'mon, that's not cool!)

Checkout the "Useful Tools" page on this site for free blogging sites. You don't need any technical knowledge to do it, and it can reap great returns.

Art of the week
Grace - Max Kaizen

Title: Grace
Artist: Max Kaizen
Price: R8 000
Comment: This is one of those pieces that needs to be seen "in real life" to be fully appreciated... Firstly, it's large. Then, it is multilayered and intricately textured with an arabesque script and delicate gold leaf beneath the landscape. It has a magical, soulful quality that transfixes me. In a word, it's "Grace".

Contact me if you'd like more info on this painting.

Have a great week 20 2006!
AuthorDave Duarte
CategoriesArt, Marketing